How to Write an EPK

EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit, and is an extremely useful, and convenient tool for self-promotion. It is a digital performance resume that highlights your skills and showcases what separates you from your competition. A clean, organized EPK will be far better received than a huge attachment on an email, especially if it’s an unsolicited email.

Who needs an EPK?

An electronic press kit is a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. An EPK is ideal for the performer wants  to 

  • Book clients on their own
  • Find a booking agent 
  • Audition for a performance troupe
  • Join a touring show
  • Break into the cruise ship industry

Who reads an EPK?

You can send your electronic press kit to industry professionals, clubs, media or anybody who might be interested in your work. EPK is your professional resume to the world.

  • Potential Clients 
  • Booking Agents
  • Troupe Managers 

EPK Checklist 

Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before attempting to create a press kit. Below is the basic information needed in an EPK.

Information about you:
Full Name
Contact Information
Skill set list
Price sheet
Professional Training
Relevant previous bookings 
Logos and branding
Upcoming tour dates
YouTube channel
Facebook performer page
Instagram business page 
LinkedIn page
Links to press coverage
Promotional Material
Press quality photos
Studio Headshots
Professional promo videos

Information About You:

  • Full Name: This can be your legal name, your performer name, or both.
  • Contact Information: Phone Number, Email address, Skype, Uberconference, 
  • Biography: Your bio should be very, very brief in a pitch card. A few sentences. It should be a bit longer for your website.
  • Skill set list: Only include skills you are highly proficient at. 
  • Price sheet: What is the cost of each skill set listed above? Hourly and day rates 
  • Professional Training: Let people know you are a credible source by showcasing your credentials. Include college training, Circus schools, dance schools, certification programs, and any relevant private training
  • Previous Clients: Booking agencies, corporations, celebrities, recognized companies 
  • Testimonials: Set yourself apart from your competitors by having testimonials from top professionals in your field. Short memorable quotes are ideal.
  • Logos and branding: Stand out from the crowd with a branded logo. Even if you are a solo performer, you can, and should have as logo.  
  • Upcoming tour dates: Show any potential new client that you are in high demand by presenting them with your upcoming tour dates. This will not only let them know what dates are booked, they will know where you are and may be able to plan ahead and get you more bookings. 


  • Website: Having a professional website is an important way to make a first impression on any potential client. You can purchase a domain through GoDaddy and host it through Hostmonster and build the site on WordPress. 
  • YouTube channel: Youtube is an excellent way to easily store your videos in one location. 
  • Facebook performer page: You will want to set up a business page that is separate from your personal page. Make sure to keep the business page professional, crisp and inviting.
  • Instagram business page 
  • LinkedIn page: Digital resume 
  • Links to press coverage: News, commercials, music videos, interviews, magazine articles, etc.

Promotional Material

  • Press quality photos: Keyword here is “press quality”.Be sure you do a photoshoot with your props to showcase your skills list. Photos should correlate to your skills listed above. Also be sure to get a photographer out to your shows so you can throw in live-show photos, too.
  • Studio Headshots: Photos with a black or white background look most professional and are easiest to collage together for stage show advertising. But arena background that is clean and free of distractions is acceptable. Natural backgrounds can look professional or cheap depending on lighting and photo quality.
  • Professional promo videos: Be sure to hire hire a professional Videographer for your promotional video. It is important that you do not shoot your video in your backyars, on your cell phone or shot by your buddy while at the beach. Hiring a professional will be expensive but will pay for itself in one booking.

How is the EPK Presented?

Do you have all the things listed above? Great! Now you are ready to start your EPK. There are a few different ways you can present your EPK to a client. 

  1. Digital Presentation (attachable as a PDF file)
  2. A page onto your website: It is ideal to have and EPK on your website for clients who have found your website naturally. Similarly, sending someone a URL in an email, is much more clean than an attachment, or a series of Dropbox links or PDFs.(www.yourwebsite,com/presskit). You may need the help of a website developer.
  3. Single page website If to do not already have have a website, you will need to purchase your domain and hosting site. Then create a free, simple, single page website using Wix.

Why Most EPKs Get Ignored

  • Not mobile friendly
  • Attachments
  • Takes too long to load
  • Too much information 
  • Too little information
  • Too fancy, hard on the eyes
  • Font too small 
  • Text hard to read
  • Low quality media footage 
  • No links

EPK Tips and Tricks

  • Keep your EPK simple and to the point. Provide all your relevant information in a way that is easy to read and quickly scannable.
  • Include your very best material. Keep your EPK concise and relevant.
    Your EPK should always be kept up to date. Keeping a well-organized press kit current should only take a few moments.
  • Make sure your EPK represents your brand accurately. Don’t overhype, exaggerate, lie or include irrelevant information.
  • Design an Electronic Press Kit that stands out from the competition by making it eye-catching and unique, without going overboard.
  • Be cautious of your EPK’s file size when attaching it to emails. Large digital files may get flagged, sent to the Spam folder, or rejected by the recipient. Instead, use links to content on the web such as SoundCloud or Youtube.
  • Avoid sending .zip files or other compressed file attachments with your email. These will not get opened.
  • It’s also a good idea to have a printed version of your EPK on hand at events where you may run into industry professionals.

It can feel daunting to create your first EPK, so I am currently offering a limited time service to 10 performers to create their EPK’s for them.  First come, first served. Anyone who signs up after the first 10 sign ups will be placed on a waiting list. 

How to sign up for this service:

  • To sign up for this service, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Electronic Press Kit” to assess availability.
  • PayPal [email protected] a non refundable $75.00 (sent as a business transaction) 
  • Once I receive your payment, fill out THIS FORM with your information for me to include in your EPK.
  • I will create a first draft. 
  • We have a phone consultation to go over any edits. 
  • Then, I create final draft of your shiny new  press kit.

I like to creste each press kit based on the target market and niche. Here is an example of a recent press kit I crested to promote my hula hoop acts for Burlesque productions.