Think Like a Business

Think Like a business is designed to teach you the essential principles and strategies for successfully running and growing a business. You will gain a deeper understanding of key business concepts such as marketing, finance, and operations, and learn how to apply them in real-world scenarios.

You will also have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and receive feedback from experienced business professionals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, or a student looking to start a business, this course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. So let’s get started and learn how to think like a business!

Think Like Business includes 10 hours of pre recorded videos that break down the steps it takes to  turn your passion project into a full blown career, from forming a business to attaining funding for that business. 

Benefits of Think Like a Business:

  1. ✅ Gain a deeper understanding of key business concepts
  2. ✅ Learn how to apply business concepts in real-world scenarios
  3. ✅ Develop skills necessary to successfully run & grow a business
  4. ✅ Work on hands-on projects
  5. ✅ Receive feedback from experienced business professionals
  6. ✅ Learn how to think strategically and make informed decisions
  7. ✅ Learn to solve problems & identify opportunities in your business
  8. ✅ Enhance your business prospects
  9. ✅ Increase your earning potential
  10. ✅ Learn how to develop a business plan
  11. ✅ Learn financial forecasting and how to raise funds
  12. ✅ Learn how to deal with competition
  13. ✅ Learn how to how to diversify your revenue streams
  14. ✅ Gain access to a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs

Think Like a Business Curriculum:

  1. 💼 Basics of Business Planning 
  2. 💼 Entrepreneurial Mindset 
  3. 💼 Business Structure Options 
  4. 💼 Naming Your Business 
  5. 💼 Business Partnerships
  6. 💼 Filing Your Business 
  7. 💼 Business Model 
  8. 💼 Business Plan 
  9. 💼 Funding Your Business 
  10. 💼 Non Profit Organizations 
  11. 💼 Filing Business Taxes

Basics of Business Planning

This introductory module will break down the basics of business planning and prepare you for the course ahead. Learn what a business, is and why businesses fail.

Entrepreneurial Mindset 

A person with an Entrepreneur mindset knows they don’t own a business, they are in a relationship with their business. It is important to start thinking of yourself, not only as a performer, but as an Entrepreneur.

Business Structure Options

This section breaks down your business structure options! Learn the differences between Sole Proprietorship, General Business Partnerships , LLC and Non Profit Organizations 

Naming Your Business 

A business name is a very important step in running a successful business. In this module you will learn how to choose a good business name, common mistakes to avoid when choosing a name and ways to research existing names

Business Partnerships 

There are many different types of partnerships available to you including, Joint ventures, Strategic Alliances, Supplier/ Buyer and General Business partnerships. This module will also teach you how to write s business partnership agreement and dissolution of Partnership Agreement. 

Filing Your Business

In this section you will learn what paperwork you need to file in order to run a legal business in the United States. Learn how to file your Business Tax License, DBA, EIN/TIN, and Non Profit Articles of Incorporation 

Business Model

Learn how to write a Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Segments, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities , Key Partnerships, and Cost Structure.

Business Plan

Learn how to write your Executive Summary, Company Overview, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Products and Services, Marketing Plan, Distribution Plan, Operations Plan, Management Team, and Financial Plan.

Funding Your Business

Learn how to attain funding for your small business through the following techniques: Self Funding, Personal Donations, Government Grants, Bank Loans, Crowdfunding, Fiscal Sponsorship, Funding Proposals and Requests.

Non Profit Organizations

In this module you will earn the steps needed to open a Non Profit Organization (501 C3 Mutual Benefit). You will also learn how to leverage non profit Organizations tax exempt status through Fiscal Sponsorship.  

Filing Business Tax

This module will cover Tax brackets, Adding taxes to your rate, Business Tax Credits, Business Tax Write Offs, Tax Filing based on your business structure, Filing 1099s, and renewing your Business Tax License. 

Includes printable Think Like a Business worksheets & templates to help you plan your business!

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