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    The word “persona” is the Latin word for “mask”. A duality exists within a performer.

    A stage persona is the personality and character an artist adopts in performance. The concept of a stage persona has existed since humans started telling narratives.

    On stage, a performer needs to have a strong and confident stage persona. However, off stage, many performing artist are not as loud and confident in their private lives as they are onstage.

    Artists rely on a carefully constructed stage persona while performing to give themselves the freedom and permission to act in ways that might not come naturally to them when they’re offstage.

    Benefits of a Stage Persona:

    • Extrovertion
    • Separatism
    • Freedom

    How to Create a Stage Persona:

    • Conceptualize a character
    • incorporate parts of your offstage persona
    • Practice in a safe judgement free space
    • Fully Commit
    • Practice
    • Explore new ideas with voices, expressions and body postures
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