Stage Act Creation

Stage Act Creation

The Performer’s Guide Stage Act Creation is now available as an online course in Teachable! This course will break down the steps needed to create a world class stage act. Let Krystin Railing share her 20 years of choreography writing experience and help you create the stage act you’ve always dreamed of!

Course Curriculum:

  1. Decide Your Concept
  2. Solo, Duets, and Group Acts
  3. Choose Your Music
  4. Trick Sequencing 
  5. Writing Choreography 
  6. Costuming / Props
  7. Stage Presence 
  8. Entrances and Exits
  9. Tech Rider
  10. Filming Your Routine

Decide Your Concept:

Before you begin, it is important to understand what the purpose of this choreography is, who it is for, what emotion you are trying to convey and what story you are trying to tell. This will help increasr your connection to the audience. Learn how to create a ” hook” that makes your act stand out from the others.

Choose Your Music:

Learn musicality and how to use the architecture of the music to create your choreography, Choosing the right song will set you up for success if it has level changes, pitch changes, speed changes, highs and lows.  Choose your song based on who you are as a performer and that matches the emotion you are trying to convey to the audience.

Solos, Duets and Group Routines:

Learn several underlying blocking techniques that are commonly used in choreography for two or more dancers. Learn blocking formations and group positioning transitions that will make your routines look stunning and seamless. Learn relationship dynamics and how to utilize status roles, plot, and character  development for dynamic stage shows.

Trick Sequencing:

Learn how to list your dance and prop tricks and turn them into short sequences that you can easily drill and reuse in different acts. Then fit those sequences and tricks into the music to create choreography!

 Writing Choreography:

Learn about different choreography writing styles commonly used by choreographers, how to break your song up into sections and write the times of any significant moments in the song. Learn how to notate musical timing, breaks/ changes and how to create choreography based on lyrics.

Costuming / Props:

Learn what to consider when choosing your costume, such as fit, function, style, purpose, how to do character research and create a mood board for your look so you can create a costume that is true to the time period. Learn what costumes are ideal for fire and aerials and how to choose props, utilize them, and be sure they match with your needs as a performer!

Stage Presence:

Learn how to create a stage character and have a stage strong  presence that holds your audience’s attention, from entrance to exit. Learn how to utilize the 4th wall, interact with your audience, and how to command the attention and applause you desire.

Entrances and Exits:

Learn how to have a strong entrance and exit that will keep your audience on their toes from start to finish. Learn different options available to you and how to leverage them for an interesting act that will peak the interest of the producer and audience.

Tech Rider:

Learn how to effectively communicate with the Theater tech crew by writing a clear amd professional tech rider. Learn what to include, how to write it and when to send it.

Filming Your Routine:

The quality of footage of a routine will be the deciding factor on who gets chosen for a show. Learn how to create eye catching promo videos that will stand out against your competitors and ensure you get hired again and again!