“Before joining The Performer’s Guide I was laid off from my touring gig and thought it would be a great time to focus on learning how to market myself as a performer. Through some Divine Intervention I found Krystin’s group and immediately jumped at the opportunity, despite the fact that I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about business.

During the course Krystin’s coaching and step by step approach eased a lot of my fears and apprehension. It seemed that every time I had a question arise, she already had an answer either in the material provided or to be discussed in a video session scheduled that week. Her teaching inspired a different approach for online learning and made it so I was actively looking forward to attending every session. She demystified a lot of the business side I had previously been too scared to explore alone.

After finishing the course I discovered a new direction for my business and now feel well equipped with tools and knowledge to build, launch, and navigate the world, and more specifically my “market”. I didn’t necessarily want my education to end there as I know Krystin is constantly growing and evolving herself, so I’m proud to have signed on for another round and still eager to learn more and gain a reinforced understanding of The Performer’s Guide.”

Brandon Wagner