The Performer’s Guide is a Business Coaching and Mentorship program for professional performers who are looking to take their career to the next level. This program supports you in running a successful and thriving business by offering a variety of services including online courses, group coaching and 1:1 mentorship.

The Performer’s Guide includes the following courses!

Get Your Act Together:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In a career faced with rejections, criticisms, and judgements, your mindset will make or break you as a performer and is important to take control of it in the beginning of your career. Learn mindset mastery, time management,  task management and emotional Intelligence skills.

Pricing Yourself Like a Pro:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having healthy finances can make or break a business. In order to be a successful performer and business owner, you need to first get real with yourself about your finances. Learn how to price yourself, justify your rates, and creating a financial plan.

Think Like a Business:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are an independent contractor earning a wage, than you are essentially a small business. As a small business, it is crucial to have a good understanding of your business. In this section, you will file your business, write a business model, business plan and attain funding.

Monetize Your Brand:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tighten your branding and presentation to ensure a consistent image on all platforms. Learn personal branding, digital branding, brand strategy, and how to earn money by being yourself!

Marketing That Sells:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Marketing is the voice of your brand. In  this section, you will discover your target markets and you will learn how to create marketing material to send to those potential clients.

Digital Business Strategies:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Your digital presence is the first thing a client looks for when researching a new company. Learn how to uild a website, social media, Patreon and Teachable. Get tips and tricks on how to optimize your pages for higher traffic, engagement and followers.

Take Your Show on the Road:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Travel the world on the clients dime. Learn how to create a world class stage act that will be sure to get your hired anywhere you want.  Go from street to stage and learn how to get booked in fairs, festivals, hotels, amusement parks, cruise ships and more!

Safety Third:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Learn personal safety, fire safety and aerial safety regulations that will be sure to prevent injury to you, your client and the patrons viewing your show.

Contract Writing:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Performer’s Guide to Contract Writing is now on available on Teachable! Don’t go another gig without the proper contracts you need to succeed! Learn what a contract is, elements of a contract, types of contracts, and commonly used contract templates to use for you own performance business

Krystin is a classically trained dancer and a professionally trained circus performer who has performed in 10 states within the United States and over 20 countries on 3 continents including North America, Bahamas,  Caribbean, Central/South America and Europe!

Krystin Railing has been performing Hula Hoops internationally since 2009 and has been showcased at Seaport Village Buskers Festival, the Fringe Festival, and The House of Blues She has performed hula hooping on Norwegian Cruise Lines and has been featured on numerous news programs, late night talk shows, magazines, new papers and blogs for her incredible hula hooping skills. She was on the awards committee for the Hoopie Awards for 5 years and has been nominated for several awards.

Krystin Railing is a world renowned and internationally travelling professional Juggler. She learned to juggle in 2010. She was also the Communications Director for the International jugglers Association in 2019.

Krystin Railing has been teaching and managing aerial instruction since 2014. She has taught Aerials at Sophia Isadora Circus Academy and has performed Aerials with Circus Mafia and Silk & Twisted Aerial Arts. Krystin has managed the Aerial Workshops for Manipulation Festival, Universal Flow Gathering and FireDrums Festival.

Master Fire Manipulator, Krystin Railing is a certified Firewalking Instructor and Empowerment Coach through The Firewalking Center. She is fully insured and covered for fire through Specialty Insurance. She is also certified in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting through the Southwest Maritime Academy, and has a Fire Safety Certification from The Flow Arts Institute. She has led and produced Firewalks across the country including California, Georgia, and New York.

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