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Enrollment is OPEN for The Performer’s Guide Brand Yourself 6 Week Private Coaching!

Are you a professional performer who needs help creating a marketable brand? The Performer’s Guide Brand Yourself is a program designed to help you turn your passion into a sellable brand! Tighten your branding and presentation to ensure a consistent image on all platforms is very important for a business, but often overlooked with new brands.

Brand Yourself Includes:

  • ✅ Enrollment into Brand Yourself
  • ✅ Prerecorded tutorial videos
  • ✅ 6 branding calls with Krystin Railing
  • ✅ Community Support in a Private Discord Group
  • ✅ Printable Worksheets, Templates and Forms

This program will help you develop a memorable brand that will help you achieve specific branding goals.A well-defined and executed brand strategy takes time to create but affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Brand Yourself Curriculum:

  • 🎨 Introduction to Brand Yourself
  • 🎨 Decide Brand Colors
  • 🎨 Choose Brand Fonts
  • 🎨 Create a Brand Logo
  • 🎨 Design a Business Card
  • 🎨 Create a Electronic Press Kit

Module 1: Intro to Brand Yourself

Learn the basics of branding yourself in this introductory module.

Module 2: Brand Colors

Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Color is the secret in producing a good identity for a company and are more than just a visual aid because they convey emotions, feelings and experiences In this module we will discuss Color Wheel, Color Psychology, Types of Color Palettes, Pantone Colors, hex codes and how to easily choose brand colors!

Module 3: Brand Fonts

Fonts add value to your brand because It helps readers to perceive information about your brand through text. The correct choice of color, font and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience. Learn how to find, select or create unique fonts for your business that are sure to catch the eye of potential clients!

Module 4: Brand Logo

In this module you will learn how to create a memorable logo that is eye catching, and easy to identify.

Module 5: Business Cards

Learn how to design and print a business card, create a digital business card and QR code in this module!

Module 6: Electronic Press Kits

EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit, and is an extremely useful, and convenient tool for self-promotion. It is a digital performance resume that highlights your skills and showcases what separates you from your competition. A clean, organized EPK will be far better received than a huge attachment on an email, especially if it’s an unsolicited email. In this module you will learn, what to include on an EPK, how to format an EPK and why many EPKs are overlooked.

Plus get access to the Brand Yourself Worksheets & Templates!

  • ✅ Mood Board Templates
  • ✅ Write a Blurb Worksheet
  • ✅ Core Values Worksheet
  • ✅ Slogans & Taglines Worksheet
  • ✅ Color Branding Worksheet
  • ✅ Brand Pallate Template
  • ✅ Logo Templates
  • ✅ Business Card Template
  • ✅ Photo Collage Templates
  • ✅ Resume Worksheet
  • ✅ Press Kit Worksheet
  • ✅ Press Kit Template


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