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Are you a performer in need of professional contracts for your small business? A client contract is an agreement you make with a customer. In it, you explain the terms and conditions under which you will provide your service to them. Writing client contracts and asking for a deposit is common across many industries, however often overlooked by performers.

Dont go another gig without the contracts you need to be legally protected! The Performer’s Guide offers a client contract template to help make booking gigs even easier! Take your career to the next level with professional contracts!

Once you purchase your template, download it, and edit the unhighlighted areas to suit your needs and have a lawyer in your state finalize the contract for you.

Then, once you have your finalized template, you may confidently use it for each gig by filling out the highlighted sections as needed.


These templates are designed to be used nationwide in the US as the legal system is very similar across the country. However, they haven’t been reviewed by attorneys in all 50 states. You’re better off using one of our contract templates, written by an attorney, than no contract at all, even if your state has some unique laws.

Be sure to bring the contract template to a local attorney licensed in your state for review. A review of a pre-drafted contract for compliance with local law costs much less than paying an attorney for a custom contract from scratch (about 25% as much).

Although Canada, the UK, and Australia have similar legal systems to the US, the contract templates have not been reviewed by any attorneys licensed in those countries.


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