Fire Safety for Performers


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The Performer’s Guide now offers Fire Safety training for professional Performers who are looking to step up their safety game. This 4 week coaching program was designed by Krystin Railing and will help you feel more confident while talking to your clients about fire!

Learn over 10 years of fire performance techniques from Master Fire Manipulator, Krystin Railing. Krystin is certified in Firewalking through The Firewalking Center, certified in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting through the Southwest Maritime Academy, and has a Fire Safety Certification from The Flow Arts Institute.

Included in Fire Safety for Performers Coaching Program:

  • ✅ 4 Group Zoom Calls held on Mondays at 10am and 5pm PST
  • ✅ Enrollment into Fire Safety for Performers
  • ✅ Community Support in a Private Facebook Group
  • ✅ Community Support in a group Messenger chat
  • ✅ Private support w access to DMing Krystin Railing
  • ✅ Printable Worksheets, Templates and Forms
  • ✅ 4 calls with Krystin Railing

Fire Safety for Performers Curriculum:

  • 🔥 Fire Safety for Performers Introduction
  • 🔥 How to get Fire Safety Certified
  • 🔥 How to attain Performers Insurance
  • 🔥 Fire Safety Regulations & Guidelines
  • 🔥 Fire Show Requirements
  • 🔥 Fire Performance Safety Checklist
  • 🔥 The Federal Hazardous Substances Act
  • 🔥 Fire Safety Guidelines
  • 🔥 Fire Safety Certifications
  • 🔥 New York Fire Regulations
  • 🔥 Fire Show Tech Rider Requirements
  • 🔥 Material Safety Data Sheets

Fire Safety for Performers Introduction:

An insightful overview illuminating the importance of fire safety in the realm of performers, emphasizing the need for knowledge and adherence to safety protocols.

How to get Fire Safety Certified

A step-by-step guide outlining the process for performers to obtain fire safety certification, ensuring they meet essential safety standards and requirements.

How to attain Performers Insurance:

Comprehensive information on acquiring performers insurance, safeguarding artists against potential risks associated with fire performances and other related activities.

Fire Safety Regulations & Guidelines:

A detailed exploration of the prevailing regulations and guidelines governing fire safety, providing performers with a comprehensive understanding of legal obligations and safety protocols.

Fire Show Requirements:

An in-depth look at the specific requirements for executing a fire show safely, covering everything from equipment standards to venue considerations.

Fire Performance Safety Checklist:

A practical checklist designed to assist performers in systematically ensuring all safety measures are in place before, during, and after a fire performance.

Federal Hazardous Substances Act:

An examination of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, highlighting its relevance to performers and how compliance contributes to overall fire safety.

Fire Safety Guidelines:

Clear and concise guidelines that performers can follow to enhance their understanding of fire safety principles, fostering a culture of safety within the performing arts community.

Fire Safety Certifications:

An overview of various fire safety certifications available to performers, detailing the benefits and requirements associated with each certification.

New York Fire Regulations:

Specific insights into fire regulations pertinent to performers in New York, ensuring compliance with local laws and fostering a safe performing environment.

Fire Show Tech Rider Requirements:

Essential technical rider requirements for fire shows, addressing the technological aspects that contribute to a safe and successful performance.

Material Safety Data Sheets

An explanation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and their relevance to performers, emphasizing the importance of understanding the materials used in fire performances for safety purposes.


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