Stage Act Creation

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Stage Act Creation is an 8 week coaching program, designed by to help you craft a world-class stage act. Get ready to turn your dreams into reality with the guidance of the renowned choreographer, Krystin Railing.

With over 20 years of experience in choreography writing, Krystin is here to unlock the secrets to creating an act that will leave your audience in awe. In this program, she will break down the process into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to shine on stage.

Discover the art of storytelling through movement as Krystin shares her invaluable insights and techniques. Whether you’re a dancer, singer, or performer of any kind, she will guide you in bringing out your unique talents and creating a stage act that truly reflects your artistic vision.

With Krystin’s expert coaching, you’ll learn how to structure your act, develop captivating choreography, and command the stage with confidence. From selecting the perfect music to creating seamless transitions, every aspect of your performance will be meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing experience for your audience.

Don’t let your stage act remain just a dream – seize this opportunity to work closely with Krystin Railing and transform your artistic aspirations into a breathtaking reality. Enroll in The Performer’s Guide Stage Act Creation today and step into the spotlight like never before.

Unlock your full potential and join a community of passionate performers who are ready to take their stage acts to new heights. Enroll now and let Krystin Railing guide you on your journey to stage act excellence!

Stage Act Creation Topics Included:

Unleash the power of drama and captivate your audience like never before!

Dive into the origins of this captivating art form, as we take you back to its Greek roots. Did you know that the term “drama” stems from a Greek word meaning “action”? It’s time to bring that action to life!

Drama is not just any form of storytelling – it’s a breathtaking performance that takes place on the grand stages of Theatre, Radio, and Television.

Are you ready to shine in the spotlight and leave a lasting impression?

According to Aristotle, the mastermind behind dramatic theory, there are six essential elements that make up a truly unforgettable dramatic experience:

This program will guide you through each of these elements.

Elevate your performances with the power of music, using melodies and harmonies to create an enchanting atmosphere. And let’s not forget the visual spectacle – discover how to create stunning visuals that will transport your audience to another world.

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned performer, this is the ultimate guide to unlocking your full potential. Join a community of passionate performers and embrace the magic of drama.

Are you ready to take center stage? Enroll today and transform your stage act into an awe-inspiring masterpiece!

🎭 Layout of a Theater 🎭

Theatres may come in various forms, but they all share three vital components that make the magic happen. This program will show you the intricacies of each section, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate them effortlessly.

Learn about the different types of stages, from proscenium to thrust, black box to outdoor amphitheaters. Gain a deep understanding of their unique characteristics and discover how to make each type work to your advantage.

Peek behind the curtain and explore the backstage. Uncover the secrets of prop rooms, costume areas, and dressing rooms, where performers prepare for the show.

Learn about the backstage control booth, where lights and sound meld into a symphony of sensory delight, and where stage managers weave their invisible threads to bring the performance to life.

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and become a true master of the stage? Enroll today and let the magic begin!

Discover the Power of Choreography!

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? The key lies in understanding the essence of choreography and how it can elevate your act like never before. Before you dive into the artistic process, it’s crucial to define your concept – to grasp the purpose, audience, emotion, and story you aim to convey. This invaluable insight will deepen your connection with the audience and make your act truly remarkable.

This comprehensive program will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to create an act that stands out from the rest. Discover how to infuse your performance with emotion, tell a captivating story, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Through a series of engaging lessons and practical exercises, you’ll explore the art of concept development, uncovering your unique vision and purpose. Learn how to craft movements that speak to the hearts of your viewers, evoking the desired emotions and forging a powerful connection.

Krystin will guide you in understanding your target audience, ensuring that every step and gesture resonates with them on a profound level. Whether you’re aiming to entertain, inspire, or provoke thought, we’ll show you how to captivate your spectators from the very first moment.

In a world filled with performers, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd.

With Krystin’s expert guidance, you’ll learn how to transform your act into a true masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark on the stage. From innovative choreographic techniques to incorporating unexpected elements, she will help you create a performance that will be remembered long after the curtains close.

Are you ready to make your mark and create an act that sets you apart? Enroll today and let your choreographic brilliance take center stage!

Master Musicality!

Elevate your act to new heights as you learn to seamlessly integrate the architecture of music into your movements.

Musicality is the key to creating a mesmerizing choreography. This program will guide you through the intricacies of understanding music and utilizing its structure to craft breathtaking performances. By choosing the right song, you set yourself up for success, ensuring that it encompasses level changes, pitch variations, speed fluctuations, and emotional highs and lows.

The song you select is the foundation of your choreography. It should resonate with your unique persona as a performer and perfectly align with the emotions you wish to convey to your audience. Expert guidance will help you make informed decisions when choosing the perfect song that enhances your artistic expression.

You will delve into the art of analyzing music, identifying its nuances, and using its elements to create a symbiotic relationship with your movements. You’ll learn how to synchronize your choreography with the rhythm, melody, and lyrics, bringing a harmonious marriage between sound and movement.

Krystin will lead you through practical exercises and provide valuable insights, teaching you techniques to accentuate the dynamics of the music through your choreography. By mastering musicality, you’ll gain the ability to evoke powerful emotions in your audience, leaving them captivated and moved.

Don’t settle for average choreography, strive for excellence. Join The Performer’s Guide community of passionate performers and embark on a transformative journey of musicality and choreographic brilliance. Unlock your potential and create performances that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the art of musicality and choreography? Enroll now and let the rhythm guide your movements towards greatness!

Course Outline:

🎭 Blocking your Act 🎭

Learn several underlying blocking techniques that are commonly used in choreography for two or more dancers. Learn blocking formations and group positioning transitions that will make your routines look stunning and seamless. Learn relationship dynamics and how to utilize status roles, plot, and character development for dynamic stage shows.

🎭 Writing Choreography 🎭

Learn about different choreography writing styles commonly used by choreographers, how to break your song up into sections and write the times of any significant moments in the song. Learn how to notate musical timing, breaks/ changes and how to create choreography based on lyrics.

🎭 Costuming 🎭

Learn what to consider when choosing your costume, such as fit, function, style, purpose, how to do character research and create a mood board for your look so you can create a costume that is true to the time period. Learn what costumes are ideal for fire and aerials and how to choose props, utilize them, and be sure they match with your needs as a performer!

🎭 Stage Presence 🎭

Learn how to create a stage character and have a stage strong presence that holds your audience’s attention, from entrance to exit. Learn how to utilize the 4th wall, interact with your audience, and how to command the attention and applause you desire.

🎭 Entrances and Exits 🎭

Learn how to have a strong entrance and exit that will keep your audience on their toes from start to finish. Learn different options available to you and how to leverage them for an interesting act that will peak the interest of the producer and audience.

🎭 Stage Makeup 🎭

Because stage actors are seen from farther away than actors on screen, it is crucial that their makeup is more dramatic and professionally done. Lighting controls makeup to and makeup can lose its effectiveness due to incorrect stage lighting. Learn skillful lighting techniques that can help you with your makeup. Learn how to have close communication between the lighting director and the makeup artist for the best possible effect.​​

🎭 Hair and Wigs 🎭

Learn how to style your hair or wear a wig for your stage act. There are 4 things to consider when wearing a wig: preparing Your natural hair, the wig cap, putting on The wig, storing the wig. Learn where to buy hair accessories

🎭 Rehearsals 🎭

There are 6 types of rehearsals, Reading, Blocking, Working. Polishing, Technical Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal. Learn how to create structured rehearsals like a professional.

🎭 Auditions 🎭

Once you have a solid stage act, you will need to learn how to navigate auditions and open casting calls Learn Find & apply to casting calls & auditions in your city. ​and what you will need to stand out from the crowd in any audition.​

Let Krystin Railing share her 10+ years of experience with you!

Krystin Railing is a highly experienced choreographer who has been creating dynamic and dynamic dance productions for over 15 years. With a passion for movement and a keen eye for detail, she has established herself as a leading figure in the dance industry. Krystin began her career as a professional dancer, performing with some of the most renowned companies and choreographers in the world. Her love for choreography eventually led her to start creating her own dance pieces and she quickly gained recognition for her innovative and boundary-pushing work.

She holds a degree in dance and has trained in various styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop and ballet. She has choreographed for various stage productions, music videos, and live events. Her work has been showcased on stages and events around the world, and she has received critical acclaim for her creativity and technical expertise. Krystin is known for her ability to bring a new perspective to traditional dance forms, and her ability to create visually stunning productions that engage audiences. Her clients appreciate her ability to collaborate and create choreography that aligns with their vision and goals.

In addition to her work as a choreographer, Krystin also teaches master classes and workshops, sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of dancers. She is also a sought-after judge for dance competitions and events. Krystin is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of dance and is passionate about helping dancers to reach their full potential. She is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take their dance performances to the next level

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