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Enrollment is now open for The Performer’s Guide Stage Act Creation!

Stage Act Creation is an 4 week coaching program, designed by to help you craft a world-class stage act. Get ready to turn your dreams into reality with the guidance of world renowned choreographer, Krystin Railing.

With over 20 years of experience in choreography writing, Krystin is here to unlock the secrets to creating an act that will leave your audience in awe. In this program, she will break down the process into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to shine on stage.

Discover the art of storytelling through movement as Krystin shares her insights and techniques. Whether you’re a dancer, singer, or performer of any kind, she will guide you in bringing out your unique talents and creating a stage act that reflects your artistic vision.

With Krystin’s expert coaching, you’ll learn how to structure your act, develop captivating choreography, and command the stage with confidence. From selecting the perfect music to creating seamless transitions, every aspect of your performance will be meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing experience for your audience.

Don’t let your stage act remain just a dream – seize this opportunity to work closely with Krystin Railing and transform your artistic aspirations into a breathtaking reality. Enroll in The Performer’s Guide Stage Act Creation today and step into the spotlight like never before.

Stage Act Creation Curriculum:

  • ✅ Stage Act Creation
  • ✅ Stage Persona
  • ✅ Stage Presence
  • ✅ Applause
  • ✅ Audition
  • ✅ Curtain Call
  • ✅ Drama Genres
  • ✅ Elements of Drama
  • ✅ Enrore
  • ✅ Makeup Kit Checklist
  • ✅ Pyramid of Dramatic Stucture
  • ✅ Rehearsals
  • ✅ Stage Fright
  • ✅ Stage Lights
  • ✅ Stage Management
  • ✅ The 4th Wall
  • ✅ Theater Layout
  • ✅ Theatrical Styles

Unlock your full potential and join a community of passionate performers who are ready to take their stage acts to new heights. Enroll now and let Krystin Railing guide you on your journey to stage act excellence!


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