TEMPLATE: Venue Rental Agreement


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A Venue Rental Agreement is a legal contract to secure the use of an establishment as a space for a gathering or organized event.

Renting out a venue to be utilized as the setting for a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or other similar festivities will necessitate a contract that maps out the scope of the arrangement. The document serves to thoroughly encompass a full range of the components concerned with the throwing of a party on the location. The paperwork is intended to secure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the use of the space and the prescribed payment relevant to the rental.


These templates are designed to be used nationwide in the US as the legal system is very similar across the country. However, they haven’t been reviewed by attorneys in all 50 states. You’re better off using one of our contract templates, written by an attorney, than no contract at all, even if your state has some unique laws.

Be sure to bring the contract template to a local attorney licensed in your state for review. A review of a pre-drafted contract for compliance with local law costs much less than paying an attorney for a custom contract from scratch (about 25% as much).

Although Canada, the UK, and Australia have similar legal systems to the US, the contract templates have not been reviewed by any attorneys licensed in those countries.


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