COACHING: Hula Hoop Performance Technique


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Enrollment is open for Hula Hoop Performance Technique 8 Week Coaching Program!

Are you a Hula Hooper who is ready to create a world class stage act?

Hula Hoop Performance Technique is now available for you! Hula Hoop Performance Technique is an 8 week coaching program that will help you break down the steps needed to create a world class stage act.

Let Krystin Railing share her 20 years of choreography writing experience and help you create the stage act you’ve always dreamed of!

Included in Hula Hoop Performance Technique:

  • ✅ 8 sessions with Krystin Railing on Zoom
  • ✅ Enrollment into Hula Hoop Performance Technique on Teachable
  • ✅ Support in Whatsapp
  • ✅ Printable Worksheets, Templates and Forms
  • ✅ Access to The Performer’s Guide Discord

Hula Hooping Curriculum:

  • ⭕ Hula Hoop Basics
  • ⭕ Where to Buy Hula Hoops
  • ⭕ How to Make Hula Hoops
  • ⭕ How to Store Hula Hoops
  • ⭕ Warmups for Hula Hoopers
  • ⭕ Hula Hoop Tricks 1- 6 Hoops
  • ⭕ Trick Sequencing for Stage Acts
  • ⭕ Stage Act Creation

Take the time to learn proper hula hoop technique from a former Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach, Circus Coach and international Hula Hoop Performer, Krystin Railing!

It is much easier to learn apparatus skills correctly from the beginning, than it is to correct basic errors later! Let Krystin Railing teach you the techniques she learned from her decade career in hula hoop arts!

Enroll in The Performer’s Guide Hula Hoop Performance Technique 8 Week GROUP Coaching Program!


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